About Me…


When people talk about their passion in life, “Romance Enthusiast” isn’t the first thing that comes to mind – but for David that’s exactly what his passion is. Whether it’s love letters, proposals, weddings, cards or romantic comedies – he loves it all.

Raised on the island of Guam, David studied journalism and always revelled in the art of putting pen to pad. After graduating he moved to Southern California for college and fell into the fashion industry. In 2009, after a broken heart and need for change, he decided to move to Los Angeles and reconnect with his true passion in life – writing.

Shortly after moving, David was scouted at a bar in Hollywood and cast in the Bravo reality tv show “Millionaire Matchmaker”. After two very memorable episodes aired – David found himself being stopped by romantics far and wide. David engaged in amazing conversations about love, dating and keeping faith in love. It was those conversations that gave him the idea to create “Finding Cupid”.

In the summer of 2010, David created the blog “Finding Cupid” for Frontiers Magazine LA. The blog focused on his point of view about keeping Love alive in modern times. The blog’s success fueled his desire to bring more “love” to his friends and readers – and thus Finding-Cupid.com was born.

David wanted to create a place for anyone who has become jaded by dating, lost loves and modern times. A place where they could come to believe again. A place where anyone can go to find inspiration, to laugh, to be happy and to find stories of people in the world who are keeping the art of “Love” alive.

His blog continues weekly and has evolved into a radio talk show and social platform for people all over the world.

David currently lives in West Hollywood, California.


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