Onward and Upward!

Now that the country has made sure Barack Obama will stay in the Oval
Office for another four years, let’s take a look at what the results mean for the gay
community here in America.

Three states voted to allow gay marriage: Maine, Maryland, and Washington.
People in Minnesota also voted to prevent an anti-gay marriage bill from passing. In
Wisconsin, the first openly gay U.S. Senator was elected in Tammy Baldwin. Let’s
take a closer look at the numbers. In Maine, the vote passed with 54 percent.
Maryland, 51 percent, and Washington, 52 percent. The Minnesota anti-gay
marriage bill failed, but it was close – with 48 percent.

There’s no doubt that President Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage back
in May had a lot to do with the dramatic change in the country’s attitude. Never
before has the gay community experienced this much support from their own

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of work to be done. There are still 41 states
where gay marriage is not legal. Beyond that, there are 29 states in which you can
be fired for being gay. In 34 states, transgender people are in danger of being fired
for their identity.

The old adage “one step forward, two steps back” seems to ring true here, but
it’s still a big step forward – let’s continue to head in that direction.

By Josh Feldman


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