Coming Out For Love

Confession,  I came out to my college roommate Stacie when I was 20 years old.  We were in an Orange County KFC  discussing student government politics- and I’m pretty sure we were eating a crispy bucket of chicken and mashed potatoes.

To this day I cannot enter a KFC without being reminded of how for I have come and how truly “proud” I am.

I remember it was 1996 when I first started the arduous process of “Coming Out” not only to friends and family but to myself.

The years that followed my “Coming Out” were riddled with hard choices, happiness and tears, triumph and failure- and yes love.

Over the course of the next 16 years I would have to “Come Out” a hundred times over. To new friends, Co-workers and their friends and their neighbors. Each time it was easier and each time It was less and less of revelation.

By my side I was lucky to have an amazing family to support me. A family that according to them “Was waiting for me to come out.” As if, they were silently watching in the wings of my first piano recital. Waiting for me to play a song that I had been practicing all my and now here I was, ready to play for the world.

I have gone through many reincarnations in my life. First as a high school kid who loved student government, then a journalist, a fashion retailer and then who I am today A Love Enthusiast.

As I look back on my career, I was never happier until I arrived at this point. My true calling.

Nothing makes me happier than to put love in the world and to talk about people in love. So it’s kind of ironic that as a gay man, I am limited in how far I can express my love.

Moreover, how far people will go to tell me If I can ever get married.

I truly feel that I was put here on this planet to talk about happiness and love and how it is attainable by everyone- straight, lesbian, gay, bi or transgender.

I chose love, I chose writing, and I chose to inspire a planet of LGBT Youth that Love is indeed part of your future- in all its glory. Wether you just want to date, get married, have kids or simply live an authentic life.

I am here to tell you that being gay is pretty cool and with Finding Cupid & I Want A Wedding Too, You will understand why.

At the end of the day, I may just be another ordinary guy who thinks that weddings are awesome and that love is as important as breathing. But If given the chance to go back into “The Closet” and bypass my journey in life – Id say….Sir, Step the hell away from my KFC… I’m trying to Come Out!

Happy National Coming Out Day!



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