Me, Elton & My Non Single Social

Forgive me, its been a minute since I posted on here. But- here I am. A full cup of hot coffee and head full of things to say.

I went out this weekend to celebrate a girlfriends birthday at The Abbey here in West Hollywood. Boy how one forgets the power of a thousand gay men and women powering through a Sunday Funday! Sheesh!
Now, I don’t know which was more crazy about this day to me: The fact that Elton John was there, my inability to drink past four bottles of Stella or the idea that one days sales at a gay bar could feed a small village for year! Sadly, all things are true.

I will readily admit that now that I am in a relationship I don’t go out as often. But, that’s also because I work allot too. But, when the dust has settled and one has finally found his “Prince Charming”- does a once fired up young gay man simply disappear into “Coupled Silence”?

My boyfriend and I have pretty healthy social lives and are completely okay with the idea of having time with friends and going out separately. We are not that couple that gets self obsessed with each other and ditches their friends for “tv night and cuddles” – but the question that lingers now- how does one evolve into a new “Non Single Social”

A Non Single Social is a person in a relationship who loves to go out, has a full time job/life but has allot of Single friends that still request the presence of old Single Social Self.

How does one keep up? I personally can’t go all night and rage till the wee hours of the night anymore. But- is that by choice or by nature of being coupled?

I have found that my gay besties will automatically blame my relationship if I tend to not be as much fun at any point. Why does this happen? Can Single & Coupled gay men and women not cohabitate? Is being a Non Single Social ever going to be good enough?

These any many questions we shall face together. But, at the end of the day. If people you call friends cannot adapt to you and your new coupled life, then that is just one less person at that fabulous wedding you will have.
Until then, keep you eyes on the prize.



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