Who knew??!!?

So something rather amazing has happened in the last week. In all the hustle of launching my site, I started to find more and more resources for Gay & Lesbian Weddings.

As I searched from site to site and read endless amounts of reviews, I found myself in a deep cyber hole of wedding hysteria!

O. M. G! Becky!

I now completely and fully understand (for a minute) what it’s like to be a girl who wants to have a wedding!

As I sorted through cake toppers and flowers and suites and venues, I began to mentally place myself in each scenario! Would I be a Summer Groom or A Winter Groom? (Fall is more my colors – So FALL IT IS!)

I was in deep- and I had to stop myself before I made an appointment for cake tasting at my local bakery. I was crazy! I had to step away from the computer and distract myself!

A half an hour later, I found myself wandering the baked good aisle at Trader Joe’s. For the record, after my extensive research on this subject, the mini Lemon Cake from Trader Joe’s would make an excellent wedding cake! YUM!

Just saying…

Till Next Blog,




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