Welcome Home…

Well friends, here we are. The birth of a new point of view in the “Blogosphere.”

Welcome to “I Want A Wedding Too!” A place where gay men and women and ALL of the LGBT Community can come to celebrate LOVE.

When I started writing my first blog, Finding Cupid, over 3 years ago, my intention was to remind the world about all the beauty of love in relationships- the forgotten pronunciations of chivalry.

We had become so jaded by the commercialism of Valentines Day, divorce and the recession that we took on an “every man for himself” attitude.

“Fuck Valentines Day” and “Love Doesn’t Exist” was the mentality we replaced them with.

At Finding Cupid we set out to remind people about the lost art of letter writing, the beauty of saying “Thank You” and the joy of “Paying things forward.” We single handedly were on a mission to remind people how to love again.

It was a success.

Today Finding Cupid reaches over 50,000 people world wide through our blog and radio show.

But even with all the success and growth of the site and show, I still found myself wanting to do something more for my community. I felt a deep need to provide a positive outlet for the younger generation of gay youth who were starving for acceptance, identity and love.

For weeks, days and nights on end I thought about it. Then like the switch of a light- it came to me.

The reason.

Whenever I speak to gay men and women, the subtext of every dating dilemma or relationship challenge involved the holy grail of gay lore…Getting Married.

You see as the perception of gay relationships moved from comedic to serious and dating went from temporary to forever- there was a resounding cry for better relationships with people that would “stay till marriage.”

But, even with all the fuss over this new perception, there still was nothing out there in our community to really lead the way. When a gay man decides to “break the sound barrier” of dating and head into a wedded or committed relationship… what or who do we turn to?

Sure, we have Neil Patrick Harris and Ellen, but that still isn’t enough to convince a new generation of gay men and women who want go the distance. Where is our version of The Brady Bunch or Barbie and Ken?

I want to see a NY Times version of a resource that entertains me, educates me and inspires me.

So, with great excitement I give you this blog, my voice and my vow to provide a resource of hope, direction and love.I promise to bring you stories of great relationships that you can relate too, blogs about dating for the distance and yes- finally planning for the big day.

Did I mention this will be slightly cheeky? Well- there it is. I want this to be all sorts of fun too! Love should be exciting, entertaining and cool. (I promise it will be cool)

So without further hesitation.. “I Want A Wedding Too!”

One more thing though…

I want to hear from you, ALL OF YOU! Wherever you are in the world. Tell me your aspirations in love and life. Tell me what you need and I will do my best to respond.

Together we will share our stories of happiness and love with the world.




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