How To Be Politically Cute

Our favorite couple is at it again- no not Brad and Angelina- Modern family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson & fiance Justin Mikita!

As reported back in September, the two not only made an the announcement of their engagement but have also launched a new foundation and website  called ‘Tie The Knot”. Can they get any more adorable?

According to Ferguson “the goal of Tie the Knot is clear: to advocate for the civil rights of gay and lesbian Americans throughout the United States and to look damn good while doing it.”
Enough said- If there isn’t anything that I don’t love better than fighting for equal rights- its doing it while shopping!

Ferguson has partnered with industry darling “The Tie Bar” – known for their amazing offerings of Men’s accessories at low prices. The Tie bar is a constant go to for magazines like GQ and Esquire.

“All proceeds from the sale of the bow ties will go to various organizations that are in the trenches fighting for the civil rights of gay and lesbian Americans every single day” said Ferguson.

So run don’t walk to TieThe – because being fashionable and supporting equality is a MUST!



Onward and Upward!

Now that the country has made sure Barack Obama will stay in the Oval
Office for another four years, let’s take a look at what the results mean for the gay
community here in America.

Three states voted to allow gay marriage: Maine, Maryland, and Washington.
People in Minnesota also voted to prevent an anti-gay marriage bill from passing. In
Wisconsin, the first openly gay U.S. Senator was elected in Tammy Baldwin. Let’s
take a closer look at the numbers. In Maine, the vote passed with 54 percent.
Maryland, 51 percent, and Washington, 52 percent. The Minnesota anti-gay
marriage bill failed, but it was close – with 48 percent.

There’s no doubt that President Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage back
in May had a lot to do with the dramatic change in the country’s attitude. Never
before has the gay community experienced this much support from their own

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of work to be done. There are still 41 states
where gay marriage is not legal. Beyond that, there are 29 states in which you can
be fired for being gay. In 34 states, transgender people are in danger of being fired
for their identity.

The old adage “one step forward, two steps back” seems to ring true here, but
it’s still a big step forward – let’s continue to head in that direction.

By Josh Feldman

Introducing… Modern Man(ners)


By Josh Feldman

This is my first National Coming Out Day as an “Out Gay Man.” Last year, I turned 24 and was not yet out to my own parents, nor had I really identified myself as a gay man with most of my friends.

Although I thought I had been leading the life of a gay man for a few years, I had not.

I’d been living in Los Angeles for nearly eight months, and had plenty of opportunities to indulge in the gay scene here, just as I had in Washington, DC, and New York City, where I lived before I made the trek out west.

Before last year, I always told myself that coming out was unnecessary, because straight people don’t have to announce to their parents, or the rest of the world, that they are straight. I now know that my avoidance was because of my own fear – and also because I hadn’t yet seen myself as a gay man. That was also because all I knew of the gay lifestyle was the weekend trip to the gay bar. I did not have many gay friends, for that matter.

How could I live as a gay man when I had no idea what living as a gay man meant?

This past year has been full of changes, most especially within myself. I had to realize that until I looked into the mirror and saw a (handsome) gay man staring back at me, I was never going to be able to really look at myself.

To do that, I had to take a lot of time to process my life up until that point: what I was proud of, and what I wasn’t, either. It didn’t all happen in one day, or one week – I can’t quite put a precise timetable on how I ultimately came to terms with coming out, or which particular day I looked in the mirror and saw a gay man looking back at myself. I just know one day, I felt ready.

I came out to my parents when I went home for the holidays last winter. I knew that was going to be the biggest step. My younger sister already knew – she had for a while. I remember telling my sister that I was going to come out to our parents, and I can remember the smile on her face. She didn’t say, “Finally!” or “About time!” – she just smiled.

I went out to dinner alone with my parents, as my sister stayed home. I sat across from them at the table, and got the words out. My parents reacted well, and that night, I had the best sleep of my life. It starts to delve into a bunch of clichés here, I warn you – but it is true what they say, a tremendous weight is lifted off your shoulders. I had been kissing men for many years before that, and I had long known I would end up with a man too – but nothing really makes that knowledge, or a kiss, as validated than when you are officially out.

Little did I know, coming out was only the beginning. In fact, it might have been the easiest part.

I finally could look in the mirror and see a gay man reflected back at myself, but that didn’t mean I was leading the life of a gay man.

I began considering what it meant to be a gay man in today’s world. The short answer, I think is, there is no short answer. The long answer, I hope, is to be found in this new column. I want to examine what it means to be a modern gay man in today’s world, and all the wonderful complexities that come along with it. I mean, I can’t be the only gay man who grew up both wanting to be Zack Morris, and to kiss him too.

It’ll be an interesting journey, and one I hope you’ll take with me. See you here next time!

1/3 Washington, DC, 1/3 New York City, 1/3 Los Angeles – shaken, not
stirred – and you’ve got Josh. The pop culture junkie to end all
junkies, Josh’s early ideas of love and relationships came courtesy of
the shows that aired on the WB network (RIP). An obsession with pop
culture, coupled with an ability to write -there wasn’t really
anything else he could do, so he’s staked it out here in sunny Los
Angeles to see where that’ll take him.

Coming Out For Love

Confession,  I came out to my college roommate Stacie when I was 20 years old.  We were in an Orange County KFC  discussing student government politics- and I’m pretty sure we were eating a crispy bucket of chicken and mashed potatoes.

To this day I cannot enter a KFC without being reminded of how for I have come and how truly “proud” I am.

I remember it was 1996 when I first started the arduous process of “Coming Out” not only to friends and family but to myself.

The years that followed my “Coming Out” were riddled with hard choices, happiness and tears, triumph and failure- and yes love.

Over the course of the next 16 years I would have to “Come Out” a hundred times over. To new friends, Co-workers and their friends and their neighbors. Each time it was easier and each time It was less and less of revelation.

By my side I was lucky to have an amazing family to support me. A family that according to them “Was waiting for me to come out.” As if, they were silently watching in the wings of my first piano recital. Waiting for me to play a song that I had been practicing all my and now here I was, ready to play for the world.

I have gone through many reincarnations in my life. First as a high school kid who loved student government, then a journalist, a fashion retailer and then who I am today A Love Enthusiast.

As I look back on my career, I was never happier until I arrived at this point. My true calling.

Nothing makes me happier than to put love in the world and to talk about people in love. So it’s kind of ironic that as a gay man, I am limited in how far I can express my love.

Moreover, how far people will go to tell me If I can ever get married.

I truly feel that I was put here on this planet to talk about happiness and love and how it is attainable by everyone- straight, lesbian, gay, bi or transgender.

I chose love, I chose writing, and I chose to inspire a planet of LGBT Youth that Love is indeed part of your future- in all its glory. Wether you just want to date, get married, have kids or simply live an authentic life.

I am here to tell you that being gay is pretty cool and with Finding Cupid & I Want A Wedding Too, You will understand why.

At the end of the day, I may just be another ordinary guy who thinks that weddings are awesome and that love is as important as breathing. But If given the chance to go back into “The Closet” and bypass my journey in life – Id say….Sir, Step the hell away from my KFC… I’m trying to Come Out!

Happy National Coming Out Day!


MORE Congrats!

Rubem Robierb & Sam Champion

Wedding fever MUST be in the air because it feels like like gay men and women are getting hitched left and right! (insert my school girl squeal here)

BIG congrats to GMA Anchor Sam Champion and his boyfriend, photographer Rubem Robierb!

See young kiddos- there is a light at the end of the dating tunnel!

Congrats to the happy couple!

(Can I get an invite?)


Me, Elton & My Non Single Social

Forgive me, its been a minute since I posted on here. But- here I am. A full cup of hot coffee and head full of things to say.

I went out this weekend to celebrate a girlfriends birthday at The Abbey here in West Hollywood. Boy how one forgets the power of a thousand gay men and women powering through a Sunday Funday! Sheesh!
Now, I don’t know which was more crazy about this day to me: The fact that Elton John was there, my inability to drink past four bottles of Stella or the idea that one days sales at a gay bar could feed a small village for year! Sadly, all things are true.

I will readily admit that now that I am in a relationship I don’t go out as often. But, that’s also because I work allot too. But, when the dust has settled and one has finally found his “Prince Charming”- does a once fired up young gay man simply disappear into “Coupled Silence”?

My boyfriend and I have pretty healthy social lives and are completely okay with the idea of having time with friends and going out separately. We are not that couple that gets self obsessed with each other and ditches their friends for “tv night and cuddles” – but the question that lingers now- how does one evolve into a new “Non Single Social”

A Non Single Social is a person in a relationship who loves to go out, has a full time job/life but has allot of Single friends that still request the presence of old Single Social Self.

How does one keep up? I personally can’t go all night and rage till the wee hours of the night anymore. But- is that by choice or by nature of being coupled?

I have found that my gay besties will automatically blame my relationship if I tend to not be as much fun at any point. Why does this happen? Can Single & Coupled gay men and women not cohabitate? Is being a Non Single Social ever going to be good enough?

These any many questions we shall face together. But, at the end of the day. If people you call friends cannot adapt to you and your new coupled life, then that is just one less person at that fabulous wedding you will have.
Until then, keep you eyes on the prize.


Who knew??!!?

So something rather amazing has happened in the last week. In all the hustle of launching my site, I started to find more and more resources for Gay & Lesbian Weddings.

As I searched from site to site and read endless amounts of reviews, I found myself in a deep cyber hole of wedding hysteria!

O. M. G! Becky!

I now completely and fully understand (for a minute) what it’s like to be a girl who wants to have a wedding!

As I sorted through cake toppers and flowers and suites and venues, I began to mentally place myself in each scenario! Would I be a Summer Groom or A Winter Groom? (Fall is more my colors – So FALL IT IS!)

I was in deep- and I had to stop myself before I made an appointment for cake tasting at my local bakery. I was crazy! I had to step away from the computer and distract myself!

A half an hour later, I found myself wandering the baked good aisle at Trader Joe’s. For the record, after my extensive research on this subject, the mini Lemon Cake from Trader Joe’s would make an excellent wedding cake! YUM!

Just saying…

Till Next Blog,



Wishes do come true…

So it wasn’t more than 72 hours ago that I wrote something to effect of “Daddy Needs A Wedding” … and as if I had magic Gay Genie… POOF! My wish has come true!

Today, Modern Family star Jessie Tyler Ferguson and boyfriend Attorney, Justin Mikita announced that they were ENGAGED!!! EEEEEK!


Okay… composure. Breathe…

The duo also formed a foundation called “Tie The Knot” ( that will raise money for organizations that are working and fighting “in the trenches” for equality and our right to marry.

Could they get any cuter??!! I’ll keep you posted on this cuteness….
Congrats Guys!!